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Figured I'd post a RP starter I had in my head this is a bit loosely based off a RP i'm doing with my friend unknownwolf1996

(1A.M Membrane House hold)
A young Dib Membrane around 7 years old is laying in his bed staring at the ceiling silent filled his room. He closed his eyes tightly and gripped his wrist with his other hand feeling a sharp pain in his hands and arms, actually it felt more like his whole body was crawling as if something was inside of him digging, clawing, to find a way out. The young boy bit his lip as he barely opened one eye to the corner of the room. He slowly, feeling the pain getting worse as he did, opened his hand out a black ness came from no where from his palm and shout out into the shadows. The creatures from the shadows formed from the darkness and looked at Dib grinning. Dib glared at them rather than showing fear. The creatures seemed perplex. Dib let out a small 'tch' than laid back on his bed. The shadows crawled onto the ceiling looking down at the boy that had formed them.

"Go on. I have no use of you here...." He muttered. The shadows looked at each other than grinned. Dib sat up and opened his window to the blackened night and the shadow monsters crawled out disappearing so only their cackling could be heard. Dib frowned and shut the window than laid back on his back. Ever since he could remember he had been able to do that. He could make the shadows move or change into all sorts of creatures. At first he used this power to keep him company when he was small, since no one wanted to be his friend and he was rather lonely, he would make the shadows form all sorts of animals and people that actually would want to spend time with him and talk to him. He always remembered this certain shadows that he didn't create. It would just appear out of no where, it always seemed extremely tall and like the other shadows had no face. The creature would listen to Dib about anything he said, even the things everyone thought made him crazy, he always remembered the creature telling him he wasn't crazy and about how bright he was to notice such things. This gave Dib a strong confidence when he literally had none.

Dib turned on his side facing the inside of his room. He hadn't seen that creature in years since he turned 5. He now thought it was only a figment of his imagination. But recently he felt as if something or someone was watching him. But everytime he would look he would find nothing. He figured it had just been Zim, a boy he knew was a alien from another planet, spying on him. Since Zim moved to his school a year ago he had made it his mission to stop and destroy him. Dib smirked as his mind filled with images of dissecting and tearing apart Zim's organs. His mind grew more darker when he started to wonder of what more uses a body had other than being studied. "Surely someone can make stuff out of a corpse? Like clothes, or furniture, Oh I know candy it'd be really easy to make candy out of a person's fluids especially blood." Dib thought to himself. He than shook his head holding it in his hands. "What the hell is wrong with me why did I just think that?" He asked himself. His frightened thoughts were cut off by a swift beeping from his laptop. He grabbed the computer off his desk and opened it up seeing it said he had a new email.

Opening his email account he frowned some when he saw it was one of those chain emails. You know like the ones where you don't send this to a certain amount of people you'll have bad luck for a year. Dib sighed he moved his cursor to deleted but stopped when he saw the name of the email. 'SmileDog.JPG' he raised a eyebrow at it. The name SmileDog seemed so familiar to him. Dib moved his cursor over the email and opened it seeing the image of the SmileDog. Dib's eyes widen. The image of the dog sparked something in his brain a memory he had long forgotten.

Dib opened his eyes seeing he was in what seemed like woods. He looked at his hands and himself he was 3 year olds. He heard barking and turned being tackled down by a large husky dog that had a grin on his face. The dog looked at his face and licked his face making him giggle. Dib could hear footsteps approach him.

"Smile no eating him." A voice said that Dib could swear he heard a million times before.

The dog hoped off Dib and he turned to where the voice came from. He couldn't see much since a light blocked his vision but he could see some colors. Black, White, and grey. Monochrome colors. Than the light covered him.

Dib started panting after awaking from the flashback. In a panic he shut the laptop and tossed it aside onto his bed standing up. He coughed holding his stomach in some pain. Something didn't feel right.....

(Comment any way you want to enter the RP or be a Creepypasta don't matter to me enjoy)


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Very Artistic and Crazy and loving that, I love IZ and JTHM. I'm neutral about fanpairing and fansites, I'm NOT A HATER even though some really good charcters die in my work. I live in the boring old country. I'm very easy to piss off so beware. Take alot of requests from..almost anybody. LOVE TIM BURTON FILMS TO DEATH! Horror movie lover and a freak and very proud of it.

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